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Business Management

Mentor explaining document specifics to intern. Business man and woman sitting on office couch with open folder and talking. Mentorship concept

As a new business owner, you aren’t expected to know everything about it. There are so many areas of a business that come in to play. These include accounting, sales, marketing and the actual doing or creating that your business is based around. Even after running a business for 20 years, you still won’t know everything. It’s not possible. But what is possible is leveraging off people who are experts in their field to help your business. This is why our team offer our clients business management services to make sure you can focus on the areas that you are an expert.


The efficiency of your business is largely dependent on the systems you have in place to use on a daily basis. Technology is constantly evolving, and the next best thing is always just around the corner. Of course, we don’t recommend constantly jumping from one to another, consistency is key. But what we do recommend is using systems that have been tried and tested. And also utilise modern technology to streamline your business. Now, you could spend hours on end researching different systems, or you could just go directly do an expert for their advice. This is where we come in, saving you time, and mental capacity.


As a new business, it can be easy to think that you can put procedures in place later on when you start to grow. But without the correct procedures in place from the start, you could be setting yourself up for failure. Doing things on the fly is never a recommended business procedure, but we do have a few recommendations for you. One of them includes taking business operating advice from your grandfather with a grain of salt. Perhaps having a notebook in his pocket to scribble job details on was the best procedure available when he owned a business. But there are definitely better options available for you these days.


We’re sure we won’t be the only people to tell you this when you start a business, but be organised! Organisation is the only way to know how your business is performing, making sure you are meeting your commitments and getting paid for the work you do. Having a professional look after your accounts is the best way to make sure an expert is looking after the organisation and that nothing is slipping through the cracks. Our team at Cloud Bookkeeping Experts have the magic touch when it comes to accounting. We have tried and tested procedures that keep our clients on top of their game.

Tax Preparation

The best advice we can give to any new business owner is to keep accurate records so you can be prepared for tax time! We’ve seen time and time again, businesses who thought they could keep information in their head, in boxes or their pocket. Only for it to come to tax time and they have no records to confirm it. We want you to maximise your expenditure items so that you aren’t paying unnecessary tax for your business.