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Bookkeeping Service

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If you want your business records stored in a safe and organised way, that makes it easy to look up and review, you need professional bookkeeping. Our team provide bookkeeping services for businesses in Brisbane to help them organise and grow their businesses. We offer services that are thorough and easy to understand. Being available is something that is really important both for us and our clients, which is why we offer secure cloud-based bookkeeping that can be accessed whenever you need it. There is a range of different ways that bookkeeping services can help your business, as well as free up your mind to focus on the part of your business that you’re an expert at!

Business Records

Business records are something that you have to take good care of, not just for tax reasons, but also to understand and analyse your business performance. These records include purchasing stock, paying contractors, services engaged, payments received, business and office purchases and other services you need for your business to function properly. To avoid all these areas of income and expenditure being a mess at tax time, it’s important that you have a professional keeping on top of them as they occur. We help many Brisbane businesses keep accurate business records that help their business run smoothly, so that you can focus on your offering and growth.


One thing you really can’t do as a business owner is forgetting to pay your staff! Maybe you could get away with once or twice before staff start to lose their loyalty to you, but that’s not a gamble you should be taking. We know that sometimes accidents happen, but when they do, it’s generally a good indicator that you are overstretching yourself. If you provide us with the right information, we can make sure your payroll is processed on time and that your business is keeping accurate records to reflect this.

Secure Storage

Our clients love knowing that their business information and records are being kept securely. As you can probably guess from our business name, Cloud Bookkeeping Experts use the best technology available to secure and store your business data. Gone are the days where you can lose and invoice book and be at a complete loss when its time to do your taxes. Nope, there are now more efficient and safe ways to do this, which is what we are the experts at. With multiple password security and daily backups, you can have confidence knowing your records are safe.

Tax Preparation

Having a professional keep detailed records of your business activities throughout the year can make tax time a breeze. Of course, there are always things that we need to work together with our clients on, but overall most of the information is able to be prepared in advance. Our goal is to work with your accounts throughout the year, so that we can help you produce accurate and beneficial tax lodgement documents.