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Welcome to the modern world of online bookkeepers and all the benefits they have to offer! No longer do you need to have an expensive in-house team. Or be trying to manage your bookkeeping yourself as a sole trader. With revolutions in technology and with the help of the internet, we can now streamline business practices. We can show you how Brisbane bookkeeping can now be more affordable and accessible than ever before.

About Us

Our team at Cloud Bookkeeping Experts are here to provide bookkeeping services for small business. We know as small business owners you’ve got a lot on your plate, trying to juggle many aspects of your business. With the ability to outsource to skilled industry professionals, your business can now be much easier to manage. We knew there was a better solution for small business owners because we know bookkeeping is one additional skill you just don’t have the time to learn. And you certainly don’t want to be inadvertently doing anything illegal. So, we are here to take the worry off your shoulders.


    Our Services

    There are many ways that a virtual bookkeeper can help you to streamline and organise your business. And each one of the services we offer is designed to do precisely that! We have set our business up to do what it needs to help yours. Whether you need a few of our services, just the one or the whole shebang, we are fully equipped to take it on. We’ve outlined what each of our services is about, so you can have a read and decide what it is that you need. If you’re not sure, we would be happy to find out more about your business and give you some advice.

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    Bookkeeping Service

    Bookkeeping is keeping all your business documents in order, making sure that everything is in order for when the taxman comes knocking. We offer reliable bookkeeping services to small business owners, making sure that everything is kept in a compliant manner. Our team will hold all of your records for you as well as keep them organised. This way, you don’t need to worry about misplacing receipts or keeping track of documents. We can even produce reports for you to give you an idea of how your business is performing.

    Payroll Service

    If you’ve got staff on your team, they are going to need to be paid. And making sure that you are not so overstretched that it gets delayed plays a big part in people’s commitment, and in turn your businesses success. We offer remote payroll services to make sure your staff get paid on time, every time. We include all elements such as tax and super, making sure that nothing is overlooked in the process.

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    Accounting Software

    One of the worlds leading accounting software programs actually originated in New Zealand! Xero is not only the most popular accounting software in Australia and New Zealand, but one of the top four accounting systems worldwide. With social proof like that, as well as our own experience, it only makes sense that we use Xero. It keeps everything in place, easy to keep track of and give a great overview of your current business standings, and future expenses.

    Cloud BookKeeping

    One of the best things about the internet is saving trees with less paper, saving physical space with less bulky records, and saving our memory. With online services, you can find exactly what you are looking for with a quick search. Saving potential hours of rifling through boxes of records that haven’t been labelled terribly well. Another huge bonus is security! You don’t need to lock up your records, or risk getting them wet, burnt or damaged in one way or another.

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    Business Management

    The best thing you can do for your business is to keep accurate records. This way, you can know where you stand currently, see your past performance as well as use existing data to plan for the future. We know you’ve got a lot to focus on with the physical element of running your business, so we are here to help. Our team can take on the areas of your business that we are already an expert at. Saving you time to focus on the important things and giving your business the best chance at success by outsourcing an important element to skilled professionals.

    Software Setup

    Technology has done so much to make our lives easier and has allowed business owners to progress at impressive rates. But knowing how to use technology to our advantage is another thing entirely. Our team at Cloud Bookkeeping Experts can help take the guesswork out of software. We can set everything up for you quickly and easily, saving you lots of time and frustration. Our team will set your software up in the right way, making it work for you in the simplest way.

    “Cloud Bookkeeping Experts have been a lifesaver for me. I was one of those control freaks that couldn’t trust any part of my business to anyone else. My only regret is not doing it sooner. The release of stress and improvement in my business is a testament to how much they have done for me. Thank you!” - Charlotte, Brisbane

    “Having bookkeeping services near me that are also on the cloud is really reassuring for me. I know everything is safe, and if I feel like I need to discuss something in person, I can easily do that as well. So handy to have a local and online bookkeeper in Brisbane.” - Liz, Brisbane

    “I love working with Cloud Bookkeeping Experts. They make everything so easy so I can concentrate on building my business. It’s amazing what I can do with all this extra time1 I finally feel like a legitimate business that is going to make it thanks to Cloud Bookkeeping Experts.” - Tony, Brisbane

    Contact Us Today

    If you need help with the administration side of business, hand it over to our team of professionals. Not only will it give you your time back, but it will also help your business to grow with accurate records to look at. Our whole purpose is to provide your business with the support it needs to thrive. You can relax with confidence, knowing that all your information is organised and stored securely with our friendly team of experts.